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Sell your property with less hassle and more expertise

DUNN DEAL SELLER CONCIERGE is a new service formulated for those that do not live in the area or maybe not have the time. It is for those that have a property to sell that do not want the hassle of dealing with a sales agent as they are just too busy or not available in that locality.

Chad Dunn is then your representative and “selling concierge” (sales advocate), you don’t have deal directly with the sales agent at all, I am working exclusively for you, holding your hand whilst you are selling your home – from start to finish to get the best result possible and to keep the selling agent on their toes.

The best part is, we work at no extra cost to you. 

We are paid a 20% portion of your real estate agent’s commission that they charge you on settlement for selling. Why would an agent want to do this? well they need listings more than they need buyers.

***For example, if your commission ( from the sales agent) to sell is 2.2% of the property value, then the agent will pay us 0.44% ( 20% of their selling fee) for our part in the process. The selling agent may also charge you an amount for marketing on top of the commission. This is all documented on the agency agreements that the sales agent prepares, so that it is all disclosed upfront and industry best practice.

Some of the tasks that we undertake for you:

1. Selecting the best real estate agent for your property from our shortlist of three agents from three different agencies and negotiating a fair and reasonable commission from the selling agent for you.

2. Advising the best way to sell your home (staging – advertising – type of sale etc).

3. Being your man on the ground if the agent needs access or urgent vendor duties that you cannot attend as you maybe out of the area.

4. Assisting you with arranging trades and handymen to make small improvements and preparations on the home before you sell or have photos taken.

5. Assisting you with negotiations (acting on your behalf as the vendors contact), so that you do not need to have any contact with the selling agent.

6. Weekly phone/zoom or face to face meeting with you, explaining the activities of what the sales agents have been doing and where things are up to with the sales process.

7. Social media boosts through our network and arranging VIP inspections with other well known and active buyer agents (who may have a buyer for your property)

We are committed to transparency in representing you. We will not source a buyer from among our current clients.

Independent and unbiased sales advice

Chad Dunn offers an independent and unbiased sales advice throughout the entire sales process. We are with you, on your side, until settlement occurs and can explain the sales jargon that the selling agent may be communicating to you, in layman’s terms and an easy stress-free process that you are able to be at a distance from.

To find out more, simply contact us about our DUNN DEAL SELLER CONCIERGE SERVICE.

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, investing or upgrading, our team are here to guide you through the purchasing process.

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